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Law Commission looking to modernise Wills

The Law Commission proposal are suggesting that Will law should be brought into 'modern world'. At Rose & Trust we will keep you fully up to date with any law changes affecting Wil...  more  

Will Writing in Bristol - Made easy by online service

Rose and Trust outline their online Will writing service available in Bristol and across the UK.  more  

Bristol Power of Attorney - Fee change update

Rose & Trust look at the reduction in fee for lasting power of attorney and how to apply for a remission or exemption.  more  

Power of Attorney – The pros and cons

In this post Rose & Trust of Bristol look at the issue of Power of Attorney with an ageing population and increasingly complicated financial affairs.  more  

Why write a Will when you have children?

In this post we look at the advantages of writing a Will to take into account your children. Simple advice on this subject can be obtained from Rose & Trust of Bristol.  more  

Power of Attorney - The different types

When preparing a power of attorney in Bristol it is important to be aware of the types available to you. LPA's for Property & Finance and Health & Welfare are quite different and n...  more  

Will Trusts - How they can help with estate planning

The use of Will trusts are becoming more common as part of the Will writing process. This post covers the main ones in use today.  more  

Will Guidance Notes - What to know about your Will

This post outlines specifics of your Will and what you need to keep an eye for. Will writing in Bristol with Rose & Trust provide free reviews whenever needed.  more  

Letter of Wishes to accompany your Last Will & Testament

In this article Rose & Trust of Bristol explain how a letter of wishes offers an opportunity to provide guidance to the Executors of a last Will & Testament.   more