A Will and Power of Attorney are two quite separate documents and act in very different ways.

In a nutshell making a Will clearly outlines in a legally binding document how you wish your estate to be distributed after your death. Conversely a Power of Attorney allows another to act for you in such matters as your finances and property in life. You can nominate the same person(s) to act in both capacity, but without these it is left to the state to decide ultimately who should perform this function.

We are specialist Will writers in Bristol and are finding that more and more clients are asking for Power of Attorney to be prepared at the same time. This provides a full set of documents so whatever may arise in the future, you have given legally authority for someone to act for you.

Preparing these documents is a very prudent step in assuring that your affairs are dealt with correctly through providing the necessary legal paperwork. It could even be said that in an ever increasingly complex and bureaucratic society a Power of Attorney should be regarded as essential a document as making a Will. To find out more simply contact Rose & Trust of Bristol on 0117 369 1969.