Without a Will a person dies in testate and this could result in difficulties and financial worry for those left behind. It is also unknown who should benefit from the estate of the deceased and assets may pass to those unintended.

If you need help on how to go about making a will in Bristol, contact Rose & Trust for a free initial consultation. Particularly if you are a parent it is important to nominate a guardian for your children and also without a Will, children receive their inheritance at 18 years of age which many consider too young. Without a guardian clause, the local authority or a court decide where children should live.

Once a Will is correctly signed and witnessed by two witnesses it becomes a legally binding document, outlining exactly how an estate should be distributed. There are a number of options available if you wish to instruct professionals and our fixed fee Will writing service offers expert help at affordable prices.

We advise that a Will is reviewed every couple of years and also if there are significant changes in your circumstances such as children, divorce or separation. Marriage itself revokes any Will previously made unless it is stipulated the document was prepared in anticipation of the happy day.

If any amendments are required, a simple codicil can add to an existing Will written however many years ago, however if a number of significant changes are required it is best to write a new Will.

This article is intended to cover the main points relating to making a Will in Bristol but please contact us on 0117 369 1969 if you have any specific questions.